You Can Try Collecting Military Challenge Coins

For ages the military coins which are also known as military challenge coins are popular amongst people. Some people like to collect them as a hobby and some as a fashion. It has been seen that there are several types of military coins available which are used by the different rank holders in the military. Those coins are used on the collars of the uniform. The military coins are tagged in a special way so that they catch attention of the spectator. This is a kind of portrayal of seniority or accolade earned by the military officer by virtue of his service to the armed forces or in any special mission for the country. Bearing a military coin is considered as a pride.

The origin of these coins in United States of America can not be traced to a very particular date. The origin is still debatable. There is very less evidence in this regard about the origin of the military coins. However there are main claims from several institutions as the introducers of the coins. But the most commonly held opinion about the introduction of the coins is credited to United States Air Force. It is told that the coins were presented by one lieutenant to his colleagues as mementos and since then the tradition of military-coins started.

By the President of the United States there has been declaration of several racks of military coins at many instances. These are also called challenge coin because this challenge coins run as a tradition and is a very usual way to assure that the members of any specific squadron is carrying the coin. This is not only pride but also an identity of becoming a member of a particular group of soldier in the military. The norms of such a challenge do not have a formal method or norm for a unit or battalion. The norm may be different between organizations.

However the challenge only applies to those members when they have been appraised by a coin formally by the unit. A possibility of some conflict may arise when members belonging to different organizations initiate challenges among themselves but it is not recommended formally. The challenge can be made any time when the challenger draws the military coin and slap his or her coin on top of the table of a bar. However if it is very noisy then the coin can be rapped on a surface and that initiates a challenge. At times the coin may drop accidentally out of the hand but accidental dropping is also considered as a challenge because they feel it has been dropped deliberately to all present members.

The interesting thing is everyone being challenged has to produce their organization’s coin instantaneously. If anyone failing as such will have to buy a round of drinks to all the members present who have their challenge coin as well for challenger. But if everyone present shows the coin then the challenger has to buy drinks for all.

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